Farmer’s Walk Part 2

When to implement it:

  • Back Day
  • Leg Day
  • Full Body Workouts

farmer's walk

How to implement it?

Farmer’s Walk is similar to the Deadlift and the Squat, on the basis that it will take a lot out of you (if done correctly).

On Back Days, I find it ideal to include it in the beginning or the middle of the workout. After all, the primary muscles worked on the Farmer’s Walk is the upper body – esp. the back.

On Leg Days, it is best to include it towards the end of the workout. Farmer’s Walk undoubtedly works the entire lower body – quadriceps, calves, hips, hamstrings, and even the glutes. However, the leg work done in the Farmer’s Walk is not as intense as in the primary leg movements – leg extensions, squats, leg press, etc.

During Full Body Workouts, the Farmer’s Walk should be done in the start or middle of the workout. Full Body Workouts (in my experience) tend to be more intense / “higher quality” than typical body-split workouts, such as arm and back days. Variations of the Farmer’s Walk can be used to emphasize building muscle through heavy weight, or cardiovascular endurance through lighter ones.

Keep Up With Me on Farmer’s Walk Part 3, where I show specific workouts and variations to emphasize different muscle groups.


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